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Emilia Wine & Friends

Agriturismo Il Bove, just outside Reggio Emilia, was the venue for the Emilia Wine & Friends event on 16 June last year. The event was conceived of as a chance to meet our international market partners, present the new commercial project Emilia Wine is developing to them and foster dialogue.

After a year of exports it was Francesca Daviddi, head of Emilia Wine’s Business Export Unit, who illustrated the new international market plans and set the meeting in motion with a presentation of the group’s code of ethics designed ‘to get across a sense of both internal, but also external belonging which is a must for any successful business activity.’.
She spoke of the quality pyramid and interpersonal relationships, of welcoming people, of how to build synergies between the various professional milieu together with a team inspired by passion, a shared working method and a marketing and communication plan.
The event dealt with ways to optimise products, their positioning or repositioning, upgrading appellations, explaining the choices which have led ranges to be redefined to make them more representative, without neglecting market demands. The Casali 1900 range, for example, was created for the international market and to promote the brand’s long history.
The brand value was paid the utmost attention, with community and brand being the day’s keywords, and the long history of a brand like Casali being a sign of quality and credibility. The importance of history is directly bound up with local value because it brings with it a story to pass on to consumers.

The best comment of the day? That of an agent at the end of the day, who said: ‘I got that when I’m with clients I shouldn’t talk about price. The first thing I need to do is talk about the wine and the value of the brand.’

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